Need Help: Book Translation!

The translation of the guidebook for OBE/LD teachers into English has been started (by Peter Gleason Jr.). It’s going to be ready in September and it will be free online. The book will help to spread OBE/lucid dreaming practice a lot. It instructs how to gather groups and teach them effectively.


It costs near $6000. It’s not easy again, considering other expensive projects, so I ask you to help. Please, make repost or you can help directly:

Order printed copy of ‘The Phase’:
Bank account details on request at

P.S. The Chinese translation of ‘The Phase’ has been completed for more then 50%! Other 4 translations are in progress by volunteers.


I’m 30

Maybe, this is the last year for Michael Raduga as you know him. The phase needs me in another direction

The last current projects:

– translating the guidebook for OBE teachers into English (will be free online)
– translating book ‘The Phase’ into Chinese (will be free online)
– full version of the documentary ‘The Phase’
– new sistem for opening branches of the School of Out-of-Body Travel

After this, everything will work without me and I will be able to do something else.

детская (568x800)

Results of 20 to 30 yo:

The book:
Forum board:
+ enormous amount of experiments, hundreds mass media appearances, millions people involved into the topic etc.

I consider it all as preparation for the next steps. So it’s just the beginning;)


Questionnaire for phase practitioners living with disabilities

For phase practitioners with disabilities! Please, fill out questionnaire for phase practitioners(lucid dreaming and OBE) living with disabilities. The OOBE Research Center needs it for researches. Email it to

Full name:


Country, city:

Email and phone number:

What kind of disability are you living with (general description, medical name of disability):

How important an event is entering the phase for you (having an out-of-body experience):

How many times have you experienced the phase state:

Do any of your limitations in the physical world occur there, and what emotions are aroused?

Do you think that it’s worth actively promoting this practice among those living with disabilities:

Are there any negative aspects to the practice of the phase for people living with disabilities:

Please describe in detail one or two of your most vivid experiences, as well as what happened to you:

Please, email it to