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This website is for those who are interested in “out-of-body experience” (OOBE), “lucid dreaming” (LD), and “astral projection” (AP) – only here they are all regarded as a single phenomenon: the Phase. No theorizing or nonsense here. Only what works in practice and nothing else!

out-of-body experience (OOBE) and lucid dreaming

The practice of Phase states of the mind is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past, the notions of ”out-of-body experience”, “lucid dreaming” and ”astral projection” have already lost their mystical halo, and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach. Now, this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. This website and the books on it give each and every person something that previously could only be dreamt about – a parallel reality and the possibility of existing in two worlds.

The essence of the Phase state (lucid dreaming and astral projection) is that a fully conscious person realizes that they are outside their physical body, which they only remember and does not feel in any way. Instead, they find themselves in a space that is just as real in terms of perception and structure, yet in which they experience sensations that are even more intense than those of waking reality. One can also walk, touch, hear, see, eat, experience joy or pain, and much more. In addition, one can now fly, walk through walls, morph into other creatures, and so forth.

Compared to this, all other types of entertainment, including computer games and even drugs, look like child’s play. However, one can use this state to achieve various practical goals, and so entertainment becomes self-development. For example, one may obtain information from one’s sub-consciousness, travel, meet with various people (including the deceased), influence the physiology of one’s body, develop creatively and artistically, fulfill desires, as well as master skills and abilities – and all this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Michael Raduga
Founder of the Phase Research Center

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THE PHASE (2015)
Shattering the Illusion of Reality

The Phase. Shattering the Illusion of Reality“All my life I sought an elegant solution to one odd riddle. I sought it from Siberia to California, from the field of neurophysiology to quantum physics, and in illegal experiments on thousands of people. But the answer I found sent me into shock and changed my entire perception of reality. Unlike others, I offer not only a new perspective on the world, but also step-by-step practices that can shake the pillars of your limited reality, and give you revolutionary new tools for obtaining information, self-healing, travel, entertainment, and much more.”

– the shocking true nature of the phase
– the author’s changed point of view
– an entirely new section
– new techniques and methods
– hundreds of updates, both big and small
– the quantum mechanical aspects of the phase
– stunning new prospects
– the author’s personal life story
– and much more!

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“Elizabeth’s Mystery”. The first fiction book by Michael Raduga

Read about the practice of out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming in a new format: three imaginative novels (Elizabeth’s Mystery, Elizabeth’s Rescue, and Elizabeth’s Mission). An absolutely new take on the study of techniques for mastering and employing these phenomena in real life, as well as a captivating and unpredictable adventure story.

Book One: Elizabeth’s Mystery

“After surviving a bloody raid by fierce mutants, a twist of fate brings orphaned country boy Thomas Yourg to Parthagon, the kingdom’s legendary, forbidden capital. All inhabitants of the ideal city are happy and wealthy, while their entire lives revolve around a mysterious practice that has brought people to perfection. Now a grown man, Thomas dreams of becoming a knight in order to take revenge for his family, but his path is beset by a large number of obstacles, oddities, and puzzles, with the main one hidden in one of the towers of the king’s castle.”


The author has been nursing the idea behind this imaginative novel for over 10 years. At its heart lies a unique science-fiction plot featuring an intense love affair depicting one of the world’s most ancient and mysterious practices between the lines, a practice that all readers will be able to employ on themselves should they so desire, dramatically changing their lives, as well as their beliefs about it. Elizabeth’s Mystery is the first “two in one” novel that you will not only not be able to put down, but will also make a difference in your life!

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The Phasieland Fairy Tales

Ten original and educational fairy tales for teaching children and their parents to control their dreams and use their skills to accomplish a variety of goals in everyday life. Get now!

The Phasieland Fairy Tales


Doc ‘The Phase’ in Turkish, Romanian, and Ukrainian Languages

– Belgesel film “Evre”: İçimizde gizli olan ne, gelecekte bizi ne bekliyor? http://youtu.be/b3qynUv0MRg

– Film documentar “FAZA: Cine a blocat dezvoltarea umană?” http://youtu.be/uMJMr1_rVu4

– Документальний фільм “Фаза”: Позатілесні подорожі та усвідомлені сновидіння http://youtu.be/tesbfNpzhlE

Valeria Lukyanova

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