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A Practical Guidebook for Lucid Dreaming and Out-of-Body Travel

This FREE ebook is the result of our study of the phase phenomenon (lucid dreaming + out-of-body experience). It’s about how to achieve it, how to control it, and how to use it in everyday life. All facts presented in this book have been proven by vast numbers of practitioners and years of research around the world. And there’s no theorizing, but only hard facts and methods for lucid dreamings.

The Phase free ebook 

School of Out-of-Body Travel

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This guidebook is the result of ten years of extremely active personal practice and study of the the phase (lucid dreaming + out-of-body experience), coupled with having successfully taught it to thousands of people. I know all of the obstacles and problems that are usually run into when getting to know this phenomenon, and have tried to protect future practitioners from them in this book.

This guidebook was not created for those who prefer light, empty reading. It is for those who would like to learn something. It contains no speculations or stories, only dry, hard facts and techniques in combination with a completely pragmatic approach and clear procedures for action. They have all been successfully verified by a vast number of practitioners that often had no prior experience. In order to achieve the same result, it is only necessary to read through each section thoroughly and complete the assignments.

This lucid dreaming book is beneficial not only for beginners, but also for those who already know what it feels like to have an out-of-body encounter or a lucid dream and have a certain amount of experience, as this guidebook is devoted not only to entering the state, but also equally dedicated to controlling it.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing difficult about lucid dreaming or out-of-body experience if one tries to attain it with regular and right effort. On average, results are reached in less than a week if attempts are made every day. More often than not, the techniques work in literally a couple of attempts.

Michael Raduga
Founder of Phase Research Center

Table of Contents:

Part II: 100 Lucid Dreams
Part III: A Practical Guidebook for Lucid dreaming
Part IV: Conscious Evolution 2.0

Elizabeth’s Mystery

(Translation will be completed by May 2018. It will be available for free)

Chapter One (pdf)



“Elizabeth’s Mystery” is the world’s first textbook on controlling dreams in the form of a science-fiction novel. The translation of “Elizabeth’s Mystery” is expected to be completed by May 2018. It will be available for free.

“After surviving a bloody raid by fierce mutants, a twist of fate brings orphaned country boy Thomas Yourg to Parthagon, the kingdom’s legendary, forbidden capital. All inhabitants of the ideal city are happy and wealthy, while their entire lives revolve around a mysterious practice that has brought people to perfection. Now a grown man, Thomas dreams of becoming a knight in order to take revenge for his family, but his path is beset by a large number of obstacles, oddities, and puzzles, with the main one hidden in one of the towers of the king’s castle.”

The Phasieland Fairy Tales

(A lucid dreaming book for kids!)

How to Fall into Wonderland and Not Be Afraid of Nightmares

School of Out-of-Body Travel

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All ten lucid dreaming tales!

Phasie was a good boy and loved to go on walks with his friends and eat oatmeal for breakfast. Everything would have been perfect, were it not for one problem: an awful, purple dragon often came to scare him in his dreams. His attempt to solve this problem led to amazing discoveries and adventures.

Teaching Out-of-Body Travel And Lucid Dreaming

OBE and lucid dreaming teaching

School of Out-of-Body Travel

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Teaching out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming means success, an easy and interesting way to make good money, and travel all around the world to lead seminars and network. This is the hottest and most promising field of personal development. Let’s change the world together – join us! Perhaps it’s your destiny?

After many years of experimental work on thousands of pupils, we are going public with our super-effective teaching methodologies. This altruistic deed was performed in order to create motivation for third parties to further develop the field. Though teaching out-of-body travel used to be the purview of the elect few, now anybody can do it, and even do a good job at it without any particular experience!

Table of Contents:


Reviews for The Phase (

 By Mitch on July 23, 2015:

I don’t regularly review products/books. I only really feel compelled to do so after reading a really good book, that has a real impact on my life, and even then I generally can’t be bothered.

That said – this is a book that you MUST read if you have any interest in spiritual development. Not just OBE’s or lucid dreaming, or meditation or even a general esoteric interest. This book is for everyone who is looking to advance their knowledge and experience in the non physical reality…. Read more on Amazon.

 By Wingrin on August 31, 2015:

The absolute best. As a graduate of The Monroe Institute, and Robert Bruce’s Mastering Astral Travelling program as well as a mediator of 30 years I found this book to be up there at the top… Read more on Amazon.

on July 9, 2015:

This book is an invaluable source of information about altered states of the consciousness. I put it on the same line as works of Stephen LaBerge. Read more on Amazon.

on December 15, 2016:

This is a hard book to lay down when you start reading it. The material was awesome. There are sections that are a little deep, had to re-read it in order to figure it out. The exercises are important. They will get easier as you become more familiar with them. Read more on Amazon.

 on November 20, 2016:

There’s lots of useful tips in this book for lucid dream induction. A lot of them I’ve seen before, but he’s taken the trouble to try them out on people and improve them based on how well they worked, or didn’t work… Read more on Amazon.

 on April 1, 2016:

This is my first review ever on Amazon, and I have bought a lot of books and other things from them. I have been reading about lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences ever since I was twelve years old. I am forty-eight now. I maintained a constant interest in the subject over ALL of those years. I have bought dozens of books over the years, and I know that I have read at least fifty books on the subject. But, no matter how I tried, I never succeeded in having more than maybe four such experiences a year, if that. I also never had any kind of control over the experience once I did have one. However, I swore that one day I would find the one book or technique that would explain precisely how to have lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences on a regular basis. This is that book. You will not regret buying this book. I believe in it so much that I have even bought extra copies and given them away to people.

Since reading this book, I have learned to enter the state as much as twice a week and more. I am able to get to places that I need to go to, to find people I want to find, and to accomplish tasks that I wish to accomplish. I have learned how to deepen the state and to maintain the state for several minutes at a time. I am also able to re-enter the same lucid dream, at least twice more, whenever it does start to fade out. Many times, this state is as vivid and real, and on several occasions more real, than the waking state itself.

If you want a book that shows you Step-By-Step how to enter a lucid dream or out-of-body experience, how to deepen and maintain it, how to get places, how to meet people, and how to accomplish what you want to accomplish in this state, then buy this book. You may buy other books on the subject also, if you wish, but this is the only one you will ever really need... Read more on Amazon.

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