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Michael Raduga doesn’t give interviews anymore. You can get his opinion from documentary film “The Phase”, ebook “The Phase” and from some media appearances in the past.

To Potential Partners

The practice of the phase states of the mind (out-of-body travel) is one of the most popular and promising self-development trends in the world. We are always open to cooperation in the following areas:

– Creating websites in various languages

– Translating and publishing books

– Organizing seminars in all areas of the world

– Establishing branches of the School of Out-of-Body Travel

– Studying dissociative states

Michael Raduga is the author of more than 10 books, most of which are devoted to the phase state of the mind (the out-of-body phenomenon).

Upon invitation, Michael Raduga and his team are able to travel to any country of the world to conduct 3 and 7 day seminars.

Potential partners are welcome to send their inquiries to

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