Yan Gvozdev

Moscow, Russia

When implementing the counting technique, I thought about parks, and an image of a photograph of an autumn park appeared before me. I tried to bring the image to life, as if I were moving the details of it. Inside, I felt that I was in a state suitable for trying to enter lucid dreaming, and was able to dive into the picture upon my first attempt.

I now found myself in that autumn park, it was very beautiful. In an effort to deepen, I started to palpate everything around me: leaves, the bark on the trees, and my own hands. The state stabilized, and I went for a walk around the wonderful park. It was full of birds singing and crisp leaves.

As previously planned, I decided to play it by ear.

The first thing that came to mind was the question of how my future home would look, something that I had been thinking a lot about. I concentrated, and transported to that home using the method of closed eyes.

I found myself near a very beautiful house. I had never even daydreamed about so beautiful a house in real life. I walked towards it, rubbing my hands together all the way in order to deepen the state. Once I got closer, the home began to change and take different forms at a speed commensurate with the thoughts in my head.

Then, walking around the house for some time, peering at and touching the furniture, I had the thought that the house somehow reminded me of a beautiful hotel, and then the house turned into a hotel. It stood before me like one of those huge beach-side tourist resorts in Egypt.

I entered the enormous hotel. It was full of guests. I walked among them, talking with some, and touching at others out of curiosity. Then I went into the restaurant, and saw there a variety of dishes. I sampled some of them. Then, I went out for a walk inside the hotel, continuing to talk to people I encountered along the way.

Internally, I had been asking myself about the near future in real life, and trying to figure out who or what could tell me about it. My wife Alexandria appeared, and we started to wonder together about our near future, as we were quite interested to know about it. My wife’s double behaved exactly like my spouse in real life, with the same character traits.

Alexandria proposed that we try to enjoy ourselves, and think of something to do by the sea. For example, we could go down the great water-slide at the hotel’s water park.

We went up to the highest water slide, which was so high up that I became short of breath. I realized that going down such an enormous water slide would be good for maintaining and stabilizing lucid dreaming state. It absolutely wasn’t clear why there wasn’t a swimming pool at the end to land in. I figured that it perhaps wasn’t such a good idea to slide down, as we were quite high up. But Alexandria went first, and I, like a real gentleman, slid down after her. But then, as I had guessed, the slide ended 50 yards from the ground. At the bottom was asphalt. There was no time left to concentrate and imagine that there would be a swimming pool at the end of the slide. I flew right onto the asphalt. 110% Realism. While I was still flying, I figured that the landing would be quite painful. I landed with a thud right on my feet. The pain ran up my entire body, especially my shins and knees. Once the realization came that I had modeled that pain before my descent merely by thinking about it, the pain immediately vanished.

Then Alexandria decided to have more fun – she was already in a painfully playful mood. She found some kind of amusement-cannon that would shoot us quite far into the sea.

She again decided to go first, and I went right after her. It shot us 300-400 yards out from the shore. While I was flying behind Alexandria, I became quite afraid. Why so far out into the sea? Would we be able to swim back to shore?

I often mentally compare lucid dreaming space to the real world, and can state that they are often indistinguishable from each other. This is especially true of a very realistic lucid dreaming when you ask yourself the question, "And exactly where am I right now?" At such moments, the only thing that helps is a deep analysis of the situation and thinking about the body, but doing so risks fouls occurring.

She went first into the water, and I after her. Due to the height and speed from which I fell, I dove quite deeply into the water. I felt like I was suffocating. I could not breathe underwater, and started looking for Alexandria. I spotted her courageously swimming down in the ocean depths.

I came to my senses, and started concentrating on breathing underwater. I was successful, but the weight and depth of the water unnerved me. I swam down to catch up with Alexandria. We swam deeper and deeper, overcoming the water pressure with difficulty. We went down to 1500 feet below sea-level. Impressed by what I saw, I was at loss for thoughts, as the events taking place were completely indistinguishable from reality.

We swam even deeper, and something caught our eye. We swam up closer, and saw something like a cave in the coral reef. When we went down a little deeper, the seabed was clearly visible.

We spotted a tunnel that led into a cave, and swam towards it. Alexandria seemed to have already known the way. I followed behind her, not quite understanding where we were going, but trusting her completely. We swam into the cave, and surfaced inside the pool of water inside it into an air-filled space. The chamber had windows like those of an aquarium. One could watch all kinds of beautiful fish swimming right past this sea-cave. We were greeted by four women in the cave, who appeared to have been waiting for us. They sat us down next to each-other. They looked like journalists and anchorwomen.

I stopped moving once I sat down, and started to fade out. I began to focus on issues concerning our future, forgetting to maintain lucid dreaming.

I started asking them my questions once the newscast started. Then, I accidentally thought about my body, and a foul occurred (M.R.: no re-entering). I nevertheless obtained a lot of visual information, which I later distilled into events and images.

Two weeks later, I went on vacation to a big hotel in the real world, where I saw the same images that were described above and occurred in this lucid dreaming. Of course, the correspondence was not 100%, but the overall picture of the situation completely coincided in terms of meaning and significance.

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