Working With the Media

A good working relationship with the media should be a priority for the instructor and/or person organizing out-of-body experiences or lucid dreaming lessons. It’s much more effective than simply advertising in mass media. And it’s free. However, it’s also much more difficult to achieve.

The point is that the topic of phase states is extremely interesting for people in practically all forms of mass media. It’s a "scoop" in and of itself. They’ll be happy to fill their columns and airwaves with the interesting interview you give them. That’s how they make their money – people like you are their lifeblood.

So why don’t they chase after you with open arms? The answer’s quite simple. Contrary to popular wisdom, it is not journalists who seek information, but information that seeks journalists. True, sometimes they get an assignment to do something on a certain topic and might then find you on their own. But even if that is the case, they should already have been aware of your existence in the first place! The key thing to realize is that the doors of any editorial office are open to you as someone who teaches an extremely unusual phenomenon. They’re waiting for you. Call and go in and tell them about yourself. Even if they don’t immediately do a story about you, they’ll still remember about you as soon as they have a need for something out-of-the-ordinary or unusual. And this will happen on a regular basis.

Success in any field will get journalists to begin lining up all on their own. But you don’t have to wait for that. You can achieve it on your own and without doing anything especially difficult. Call up the editorial offices of local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television studios to ask them which editor you could speak with regarding your activities. Call – don’t write. Letters and e-mails usually either won’t make it, will get lost, or will not be taken seriously. Tell them about yourself and about how you can tell them about the phenomenon. Leave your contact information and just wait. Sooner or later, they’ll remember about you and call. By calling all the local editorial offices, you can become a frequent guest on local morning talk shows and the center of feature stories in all kinds of local media. The media attention can’t but have an effect on how many students you have.

It’s important to remember one rule for working with the media and stick to it all your life: keep everybody’s contact information. As you make a new contact at some media outlet, and especially one that has expressed interest in you, save his contact info and store it in a safe place. Such data is pure gold. Especially valuable are the personal contact details of journalists who you can call at any time to propose something that will be of interest.

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