WHY ENTER lucid dreaming?

Such a question can only arise from not fully understanding the properties of the phenomenon and its nature. When one suddenly understands at a certain moment that he is just as real as he normally is, and is standing somewhere that is not in the physical world with his same hands and body, and can touch everything around him and discern fine details, such much emotion stirs up inside him that no questions arise at all. This is the most amazing experience that a person can attain!

The initial lucid dreaming encounter is always jolting and sometimes frightening. Depending on the individual, fear experienced during initial encounters with lucid dreaming occurs in about one-third of all cases. Even veteran practitioners encounter fear, which speaks to the profound nature of lucid dreaming state.

With time, as rapture ebbs and emotions wane, thoughts turn from the fact of the phenomenon itself towards how to somehow use it. And here, a fantastically diverse field of practical application opens up before the practitioner. These applications – which this book communicates – are not to be associated with the many unproven and dubious methods often described in sundry esoteric literature. The information presented herein is verifiable, practical, and attainable.

Whatever the nature of lucid dreaming – a state of mind, or perhaps an external experience – this is the sole opportunity to: visit any part of the world or universe; see people who are out-of-reach in real life, including relatives, the deceased, celebrities, and various creatures; communicate with the enormous resources of the subconscious mind and obtain information from it; realize desires that are unattainable in real life; model artistic productions; influence physiology, and more. These are not dull experiences. They are eminently personal and real.

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