For starters, it goes without saying that there’s no point in selling something online without having your own website. You should maintain a website, blog, webpage, online profile, or group on popular social networks that you always refer to and always keep updated with the latest information on your activities, as well as a schedule of your training sessions. Ideally, you’d want to pursue all the aforementioned ways of having an online presence, and would simply copy the same updates to each platform. This will allow you to reach as large an audience as possible. When it comes to online social networks, don’t focus on just one. Use at least 3 of the most popular ones. Each will have its own user base and potential audience.

Contrary to popular wisdom, setting up your own website and internet domain name is nothing difficult, let alone expensive. Everything can be done using ready-made templates. Even many hosting services are free-of-charge. Of course, you ideally want everything done as professionally as possible, or at least with help from people who know what they’re doing.

An online presence is necessary not only so that people can find you and you can keep them up-to-date. It also allows you to show up in search engines, which will always bring in people without any effort on your part. The more extensive your online activities, the stronger your presence in search engine results, and the more this will be reflected in the size of your student audience.

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