Porto Alegre, Brasil

I was awoken by my cat and ended up accidentally employing the deferred method since I had slept some hours before this OBE. Then I did forced falling asleep, then cycled rotation, observing images, listening in, phantom wiggling etc. I can’t remember which one led to vibrations. I amplified the vibrations once I felt them (they were an unknown sensation to me until then), but I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do then: to wait for sleep paralysis or try to separate. Then I decided to do just anything and tried to separate by floating upwards, as if me and my body had the same magnetic charge and would repel each other, because I’ve ruined some attempts before by trying to roll out and moving my actual body.

It worked, to a point. I felt as if I was floating about one foot high. Meanwhile, my plan was to separate, turn around, see my body and think, "Wow, man!" Then I would start rubbing my hands, palpating, peering and do a list of things while maintaining. But instead, I floated without seeing anything, I just felt the "thrust" pushing me up, which took about half a second or less and without sight. I simply "was" in a place that I hadn’t consciously chosen, and I kind of forgot that I could make decisions at that point and started watching things passively. Earlier I had remembered all the techniques that I should employ, but at the moment it slipped my mind.

I went to a place where somehow I knew only musicians went to in order to find other musicians and play along with them. It had a great positive "vibe" to it, I then heard voices of people talking around. There was a female voice, and this girl walked from right to left behind me but somehow I "saw" her All Star shoes. She was commenting about what a cool and friendly place it was. There was a guy with a black trench coat and a shaved head playing something between a piston and a trombone – it was deep dark blue, and he played it with one hand and a guitar with the other, producing awesome music. The piston’s keys were actually chromed Fender-type "elephant ear" bass tuners. He didn’t put his mouth on the thing at any moment and played it pointing it towards his foot the whole time. The guitar was suspended out in front of him by a strap on his left side with its neck pointing upwards. It sometimes sounded like a piano. There were no amplifiers, pedals or cables at all.

When I felt he was about to finish his music, I wanted to applaud him and tell him that it was awesome, but he disappeared to I don’t know where. This was strange because it was as if the music was still sounding, and I wouldn’t dare open my mouth while he was still playing. It was beautiful. 

Then, a man about 60 years old who was dressed somewhat like a sailor (at least that was what I thought) approached another guy who was playing some unknown instrument, resting the thing on his left shoulder like a violin. I think it was not an actual instrument, but rather something like a sewing machine or something oneiric in nature like that. The sailor stopped by the side of the sewing machine man and from inside of a worn out black, cheap looking plastic bag for which most people wouldn’t give a penny, neither would I, pulled a barbed edged transparent acrylic plate which looked as if it was just sawn off of a jigsaw, as if it was a randomly cut plate which had fallen off while the actual piece, whatever it could be, was being made. The plate was about 1 foot by 1 foot 4 inches and was not exactly rectangular. I’d never suppose that thing would play music.

Actually, when he played perfectly accompanying the sewing machine guy, I asked myself, "what will he be playing with…" I lurched forward and opened my mouth in complete surprise: It was a Flexing Instrument. I had never thought of this obvious concept before, and probably wouldn’t have without that experience. Everybody knows the bass, "pook" or "wok" sound that an X-Ray plate or some large plate like that – even made of different materials – makes when flexed, and most people know the high pitched, "kweek" sound of tiny steel lids about 2 inches in diameter that come in small cans of several types – the noise they make when folded in and out. Well, when the sailor held the plate with the tips of his fingers near the edges of the plate, the folding area was wider, and so the sound was bassier. When he held it with his fingertips close to the center, the folding area was smaller and so the sound was higher pitched. He could get his hands closer or farther as fast as choosing notes on any other instrument, and could play along with every note of the sewing machine man. It was impressive. I don’t remember how this lucid dreaming ended (M.R.: no maintaining).

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