Like falling headfirst, the vibration technique should be used if sensory amplification techniques do not work, or when the practitioner in lucid dreaming is located in an undefined space where there is nothing to touch or look at. This technique works thanks to the unusual vestibular sensations that it causes, which help to enhance perception.

After separating from the body, it is normally quite easy to create vibrations by thinking about them, by straining the brain, or by straining the body without using muscles. The occurrence of vibrations provides a significant opportunity to deepen lucid dreaming. An advantage of this technique is that it does not require any preliminary actions and thus may be practiced at any moment.

The brain is strained to the maximum extent possible, which causes vibrations that may be intensified and managed through spasmodic or prolonged straining.

If this technique does not produce deepening after 5 to 10 seconds, the technique has to be changed or action should be taken at the practitioner’s current depth in lucid dreaming.

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