Upfront Investment

Depending on your personal desire, free time, and means, your out-of-body travel and lucid-dreaming educational venture can be launched either without any initial investment or can start out with unlimited resources.

For example, even a classic three-day seminar can be held without investing a penny upfront. It’s quite easy to do so, especially if you have good communication skills. You can usually make a deal with the landlord to pay only after the first day of the seminar, since by then you should have some working capital. You can get a group together using your efforts alone, including: promoting it online, putting up fliers around town, and telling all your friends and acquaintances about it. Even in a small town, you can put together a large group after a month of hitting the pavement every day. You can also handle all issues related to registering, paying for (e.g. collecting donations), and organizing the seminar all on your own.

Alternatively, you can pay upfront for the conference room, outdoor and online advertising, a secretary to answer phone calls, and even pay in advance for the instructor’s fee, travel expenses, and lodging. Such an approach can obviously create cash-flow challenges, though it will save much time and energy.

In life, you often need to try find a balance between what you can do yourself and what you’re better off paying for. Either way, big-ticket expenses for such events are a symptom of an unsound system that is bound to come crashing down sooner or later.

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