Unwillingness to Communicate

In this case, the deceased person starts to behave in a very aloof manner and without desire to be drawn into conversation. It should be immediately pointed out that that such behavior in the astral plane is not only the prerogative of the deceased. This problem is often encountered in almost every type of contact with animate objects in the astral plane. This is especially true at the beginning stages of one’s practice. This is clearly demonstrated in practice when, for example, a deceased favorite aunt is approached in joyful disbelief by a practitioner – but she then avoids the practitioner’s eyes, and acts as if it is the first time that she has seen him in her life. When the practitioner tries to ask a question or explain something to her, he doesn’t get the typical reaction of a live person. There will often be only silence in response. Such subjects will also often look the other away.

This problem is resolved by better developing communication skills regarding animate objects in the astral plane. Also, simply bringing one’s practice of the astral plane to a decent level often helps, as this reduces such bumps in the road to a minimum.

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