Unproven Effects

People often approach the practice of various lucid dreaming states with deep-rooted misconceptions about what can actually be achieved through practice. Everything listed in this section refers to these misconceptions. It has not been proven that any of these things is impossible; however, actions should be based on proven and verified methods in order to avoid making mistakes and wasting time.

Physical exit: If the first experience with lucid dreaming phenomenon happens by accident, it is almost impossible not to interpret it as a real separation of the soul from the body – a physical exit. This is how the initial lucid dreaming experience really feels. With experience it becomes easily noticeable that certain things in reality do not match things in lucid dreaming, like the placement of objects or furniture in the house where a lucid dream is first encountered.

No actual physical exit from the body has ever been proven through scientific experimentation and observation. For example, in lucid dreaming, it is not possible to fly around to locations in physical world, although it may seem so; the locations that are experienced are produced within the mind. Nor is it possible to pinch someone in lucid dreaming and then to find a bruise on the person while in reality.

Other worlds: lucid dreaming space is similar to the physical world, and a practitioner may be inclined to think that the soul has left the body. Sometimes lucid dreaming takes on an absolutely unnatural form. As a result, the practitioner may decide that a parallel world has been entered: the world beyond, the astral plane, mental space, or the ether. Although travel in lucid dreaming can lead to many places, this does not mean that lucid dreaming allows travel through or use of actual, alternate worlds. The practitioner should be reasonable.

Development of super-abilities: It is partially correct to consider the practice of lucid dreaming as an extrasensory ability since it is an actual development of extremely unusual skills that have always been considered mystical. Times have changed, and lucid dreaming should hardly be shuttled off to the esoteric, obscure corners of knowledge.

There exists an unproven theory that the practice of lucid dreaming can impart unusual abilities. While literature is full of references to this effect, these abilities have not yet been proven by anyone. The same applies to intentionally developing unusual abilities in lucid dreaming. Yes, these may be trained while in lucid dreaming, but this does not mean that training in lucid dreaming will yield the same results in the real world. Practice should not be for the sake of achieving super-abilities since there are many proven applications that do translate to reality in valuable ways. Be realistic.

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