Unconventional Techniques

Alien abduction technique

The practitioner imagines that aliens have invaded his bedroom and are grabbing his ankles and pulling him out of his body. Alternatively, he imagines that he is being pulled out by a beam emanating from a spaceship.

Sex technique

The practitioner tries to feel the intimate sensations of the copulative act in as much detail as possible. This works better for women in the passive form.

Toothbrush technique

The practitioner tries to feel that he is brushing his teeth. He tries to feel the movement of his hand, the sensation of the brush in his mouth, and the taste of toothpaste. He can also try to add in sensation by imagining himself standing in front of a mirror in a bathroom.

Whispering pillow technique

Lying with his ear to his pillow, the practitioner tries to hear sounds, melodies, and voices coming from it. He can try to hear specific sounds, or simply passively listen in to what’s there.

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