Tyrannosaurus Rex

I woke up during a daytime nap. While still in a drowsy state, I tried to roll out of my body and fly up into the air, but nothing happened. However, I felt that I was in a state very close to that of lucid dreaming. I tried forced falling asleep, and then felt lapses of consciousness, during which images flickered before my eyes. A few seconds later, I decided to try separating from my body again. Meanwhile, I knew that if that didn’t work, I could switch to observing images, as they were already there. However, that turned out not to be necessary, as I was easily able to simply get up out of my body. My vision immediately came to me. I was quickly able to make the state that I was in extremely realistic by palpating and peering at objects around me. I also managed to quickly palpate my body, all the while creating and amplifying vibrations in order to cement myself in a deep lucid dreaming.

While I had a clearly-formulated plan of action regarding studying lucid dreaming, I had already re-thrashed its details several times that week. At that moment, I really just wanted to use lucid dreaming for my own personal enjoyment, and do something I was looking forward to for a while. At one of my seminars about a week before, I had told my students about how it was possible to go for a walk among dinosaurs. A desire to do so now burned within me, as I had not done anything of the sort for a long time. So I scrapped my previous plan of action, closed my eyes, and concentrated my attention on the Tyrannosaurus rex. I then felt the sensation of movement. The translocation took longer than usual. This was normal for such a situation, because it was simply psychologically difficult to believe one would see dinosaurs, even though I had succeeded in doing so many times before. The rational brain tends to have difficulties with things like encountering dinosaurs.

I nevertheless managed to get myself together and concentrate my attention. Then, I landed on something soft. It was a patch of moss in the forest. I began to scrutinize the moss and palpate it with my hands. Vision almost immediately came to me, and became incredibly sharp. I crouched on all fours and stared for a while at everything right in front of me – mainly small twigs of various shapes and decayed leaves. There were also all kinds of insects crawling around.

I then focused my attention on my own feelings and perceptions. I was still wearing the same t-shirt and shorts that I had fallen asleep in. My body itself seemed unusually pale. However, I was most surprised at how hard it was to breathe. Not only was the air saturated with indescribably-repugnant odors, it also turned out to be quite hot and humid. Trying to breathe in only through my nose made me dizzy. Meanwhile, the air was so hot that breathing in through my mouth hurt my throat. In the end, I decided to breathe in through my mouth, and was able to banish the pain.

I turned my attention to my surroundings. There was forest all around. Very little sun made it through the canopy. The trees were very tall, and had long straight trunks. There were plants all around that looked like ferns, but they were nearly my height. I had found myself in a small clearing without trees. The whole place was filled with sounds that were unnatural for a forest. Instead of birds chirping, I heard whistling and croaking. I heard roaring from time to time coming from somewhere in the distance. I kept hearing crackling and then something crashing to the ground. I could hear a lot of rustling and dull thuds coming from somewhere behind the bushes about thirty yards away from me. I immediately understood that that’s where my objective was.

By the time I decided to head for my dinosaur, I was already itching from constant attacks by exotic insects of all colors and sizes, both terrestrial and airborne. While heading for the target, I all the while scrutinized my arms and the leaves that I had ripped off with my hands. I intentionally made right for the tree trunks ahead. I kept special tabs on the hyper-realism of the experience, as this was the most important factor here. The vibrations didn’t die down one bit, as I constantly kept them going right from the start.

I went up to the bushes and cautiously peered through them. There was a stream flanked by a muddy bank, from which an enormous patch of horsetail shot up. My objective was wading right in the middle of the stream, I almost shouted out in ecstasy at the sight of it. I kept quiet only out of a desire to not attract its attention. That could have ruined everything. I tried to avoid drawing its attention not so much because I was somewhat afraid, but more out of a desire to simply watch this magnificent creature from the side, and feast my eyes on its beauty.

I had already seen a T. rex at least five times before, but this one was much larger than all of the previous ones. Even the the color of its skin was different – slightly darker and with fewer spots. For some reason, this one seemed to be a female. The giant paused at some point, apparently reacting to me. I immediately returned my attention to peering at the leaves and the insects on them, so as not to interfere in the situation with the dinosaur, and also remain in a deep lucid dreaming.

I was quite afraid that this lucid dreaming might not be sufficient for more sensations – and so instead of sticking it out, I quickly ran up behind the T. rex. It immediately turned in my direction, but I concentrated as much as I could on the thought that it would see me as a friend and not a foe. Risking lucid dreaming, I even stopped in order to program the situation. Its huge head looked at me for several more seconds, and then calmly bent down. It seems that it had a victim there.

I ran up to its massive tail. I quickly peered at it up close, and then moved to its face. I was meanwhile in a panic over lucid dreaming and its depth, and so made great effort to amplify the vibrations I was feeling. Also, I petted the reptile the whole time, for now moving my hands down its side, and stepping into the cool water up to my ankles. Everything was already so extraordinary, and I didn’t want to be ejected into reality by making a stupid move. Fear of the monster had already completely subsided, but I started to grow a little concerned over the great depth of this lucid dreaming. The unwholesome idea of staying there forever suddenly came over me. However, the instinct of self-preservation kept me to my senses.

Pulling up the reptile’s massive and muscular frame, I got up to the front of it. I had not seen tyrannosauruses up so close that often before, so I was a bit amused by how helplessness its forearms appeared, almost like puny unwebbed flippers (Tyrannosauruses only have two clawed limbs). They are generally considered to be vestigial, but this reptile was clearly using them to help itself to the carcass of another big lizard, holding it up. In turn, the prey seemed to be quite ugly and bony. Its innards were hanging out of the large jaws of the dining reptile. I squatted down just a yard away from the dinosaur’s muzzle and watched the scene. It didn’t pay me any attention, even when I grabbed the gnarled leg of its victim (it looked like a chicken-leg, but a hundred times larger), and threw it aside. The T. Rex, still ignoring me, raised its head and went straight for the delicacy. Its movement seemed to require a lot of effort, and all the muscles of its haunches simply pushed forward when exerted. I could see that the beast was incredibly strong.

After going halfway towards its prize and scanning its surroundings, the lizard turned again to the carcass. It began to go at it again. I had already made up my mind to feed him by hand, but then some kind of alarm went off. Quickly realizing that it was coming from outside the window in the physical world, I immediately dunked my head underwater in order to get rid of that sound by programming the qualities of the space around. It was indeed quieter underwater, but the alarm was still audible. While observing the pebbles at the bottom of the clear water, I plugged my ears with my fingers. The sound became even quieter. Employing the straining the brain technique made the vibrations still stronger, creating a noise that I began to listen in to. The alarm sound went away. I surfaced, took my fingers out of my ears, and then it occurred to me that it could have been a car alarm. "And what if that was from my car?" – I thought. Cursing all earthly matters, I recalled my body in order to return back into it. And it was only just upon feeling the physical body that I remembered that my car had already been at the mechanic’s for several days now… I heard the alarm again, but it wasn’t coming from my car. And so, there was no point in cutting lucid dreaming experience short. I tried to get back into lucid dreaming once again, but the wail of the alarm did not stop, and so all of my attempts to return to lucid dreaming were in vain.

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