Typical Student Questions

– Are out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming the same thing?

According to out-of-body experience-state theory, yes.

– Is it possible that I won’t come back from out-of-body experience?

That’s only a superstition. Physiologically speaking, this state is not dangerous.

– Could somebody take over my body while I am out of it?

That’s a mystical superstition. It’s not physically possible, although you might have an out-of-body travel episode about it – especially if you believe in it.

– Is out-of-body experience all in your head?

You need to decide for yourself what the nature of the phenomenon is. Our task is to give you practical experience to base your decision on. Many practitioners believe that this is an exit of some essence from the body. Others believe that it’s all in the mind. Meanwhile, they all use one and the same techniques.

– Can everybody do this?

Yes, everybody can do this. For some it’s easier and for some it’s more difficult, but in the end it all depends on how well the techniques are performed.

– What if I’m not successful at it over the course of the seminar?

That sometimes happens, but in any case you’ll learn how to do it and see how the majority of the group does it. Only mistakes you make when performing the techniques can cause such misfires. It’s often the case that people who are unsuccessful during a seminar succeed immediately after it.

– Aren’t such practices symptomatic of schizophrenia or other mental illnesses?

The existence of phase states (at least in the context of lucid dreaming) has been a proven scientific fact since the 1970s. Most people encounter it at least once in their lives – so it cannot be a symptom of mental illness.

– Could I die in out-of-body experience?

The odds of dying in out-of-body experience are the same as that of dying while having an ordinary dream.

– Can two practitioners meet in out-of-body experience?

It’s easy from a technical point of view. However, the true nature of such an encounter is another issue. For example, the small details or even key moments of both of their experiences are hardly likely to coincide when the practitioners discuss them afterwards in real life. Moreover, even if they do coincide, there’s no guarantee that what happened wasn’t just an exact simulation in the individual phase space of each practitioner.

– Can I find out the number of the winning lottery ticket in out-of-body experience?

No. In out-of-body experience you can learn how to solve one issue or another, or even exactly how to earn a million dollars – but you won’t learn how to win it, since lottery-ticket numbers are the result of chance. No one has ever proven that this can be done using out-of-body experience.

– Can I practice superpowers in out-of-body experience and then use them in real life?

Although any superpower can be practiced in out-of-body experience, doing so is hardly likely to have any effect on your abilities in the physical world. At least no one has proven that this is possible. However, you can practice ordinary abilities in out-of-body experience.

– Can I go backwards or forwards in time in out-of-body experience?

You can learn information from the past or for the future, but that does not mean that you will actually travel in time.

– Can astral beings attack me in out-of-body experience?

That’s a mystical superstition. Only materialized fears can attack you, and that’s if you expect them to. For that matter, anyone can attack you – but this doesn’t mean anything.

– I was told that your system involves entering only a lower-level astral plane or a lucid dream. Is that true? How can I get to a higher-level astral plane?

These are mystical superstitions. Of course, it all depends on your views, and everyone determines his worldview for himself, but it suffices to say that there are no principal differences in practicing "higher" and "lower" levels of astral travel (for those who use such terminology). Both lucid dreaming and out-of-body travel use the very same methods. The term out-of-body experience was coined for the purpose of uniting all such phenomena that can be achieved using the same techniques.

– Are there any age limits for practicing out-of-body experience?

A person who finds the topic interesting and is able to understand what to do can phase no matter what his age. Both children and the elderly can do it.

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