Typical Student Questions

– How can I go somewhere I’ve never been before and have no idea what it looks like?

If it’s your goal to go somewhere, that means that you already have enough of an idea about it. That should be enough.

I fly too long during teleportation and sometimes do not fly to the right place. Where’s my problem?

Lack of concentration on your destination and having extraneous thoughts.

– I always land in the wrong place or not quite the right place when translocating. How can I wind up where I need to?

This is also due to a lack of concentration on your destination and having extraneous thoughts.

– When I try to find a particular person, somebody else appears. How can I find the person I’m looking for?

This problem is nearly always a result of insufficient concentration, subconscious fear of that person, anxiety, or a repressed reluctance to see him. It can also be a result of assigning too much importance to the meeting.

– Can I use translocation techniques to travel to the future and find out what will happen to me?

This is obtaining information. The quality of the information you obtain depends on your knowledge and your ability to employ the right techniques, including but not limited to the translocation techniques.

– Can I create a place in out-of-body experience where I can always go – a kind of home base?

Yes. Not only is it possible, it’s also easy.

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