Typical Student Questions

– What does it mean if I cannot stand firmly on my feet in out-of-body experience?

It’s a sign of insufficient deepening.

– I get tunnel vision in out-of-body experience. Is that normal?

Although normal, it’s a sign of an out-of-body travel that’s not full-fledged. Your sense of sight should be at least that of everyday reality.

– I rolled out of my body, got stuck in the wall, and almost couldn’t breathe. What should I do in such situations?

What happened was deepening inside the wall via the sensations of going through it. It’s no big deal. You need to try to breathe anyway, as the shortness of breath is purely psychological. Also, try to gradually get out of the wall or return to your body and roll out of it towards the other side.

– What should I do if various beings constantly attack me?

The most important thing is to never run away. Accommodate them instead, and their aggression will disappear. Also keep in mind that they are your own materialized fears.

– out-of-body experience ends quickly for me when I’m flying. How do I solve this problem?

Try to employ procedures for maintaining while you’re flying. For example, rub your hands together and look at them periodically. It’s also beneficial to not merely fly about, but to fly from place to place with a destination firmly in mind.

– An irrepressible sexual attraction arises when communicating with objects. How do I solve this problem?

Allow yourself to indulge such weaknesses, but only on the condition that you first accomplish your previously-determined objectives.

– When I jump in out-of-body experience in order to fly out of the window or from some other height, I am often tormented by doubts as to whether or not it’s in real life. Could I actually jump out of a window in real life having thought that I was in out-of-body experience?

From a purely theoretical standpoint, it’s possible. It’s therefore best for novices not to jump from windows when entering out-of-body experience. It’s best to do a reality check if doubts arise in other cases.

– Should every exit from the body be accompanied by vibrations?

No. Vibrations don’t have to be there, and this is especially true for experienced practitioners. For many practitioners, they never occur.

– What actually are the vibrations?

Science has yet to determine the nature of this phenomenon.

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