Typical Student Questions

– Can you stay in out-of-body experience all night?

No. It’s physiologically impossible. But even a 2 to 3 minute stay there feels like it lasts for half an hour, and so one will not be left unsatisfied.

– Should I cut an out-of-body travel short once my plan of action has already been completed?

No, you shouldn’t. Intentionally cutting short the storyline of an out-of-body travel experience does not always mean that it ends at a physiological level. Doing so is fraught with the risk of having various unpleasant experiences like sleep paralysis or multiple, nightmarish false awakenings.

– Do deepening and maintaining techniques have anything in common?

At times, they’re one and the same. Deepening techniques are sometimes employed during maintaining (e.g. sensory amplification), and especially when the vividness of sensation fades, i.e. when regular deepening becomes necessary.

– I am only able to take a few steps in out-of-body experience before I am returned to my body. Nothing helps. What should I do?

Such cases still involve a problem with deepening. However, what’s most likely occurring are cyclic thoughts about returning to the body. Such thoughts will "come true" in out-of-body experience. Maintaining must be performed to keep you in out-of-body experience and prevent you from returning to your body.

– For the purposes of maintaining, can I carry something with me the whole time in out-of-body experience and touch it in order to perform sensory amplification?

Yes, you may. The easiest way is to rub your hands together as if to warm them. You might also chew gum or keep up constant vibrations.

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