Typical Student Questions

– Must deepening be performed every time?

You should strive to, even if your sensations are initially realistic. This is due to the fact that deepening is not only for distinctness of sensation, but also for alertness of mind.

– Must hyperrealism always be maintained?

The main thing is that out-of-body experience depth suit the practitioner and not be too shallow. Otherwise, there is the risk of the experience coming to a quick end.

– Can I deepen using other senses, e.g. by smelling aromas?

It might help, but it’s better to focus on the most important of the senses: sight, touch, and kinesthetic sense.

– Are there people who are unable to fully deepen?

It’s hardly likely. Poor performance of deepening techniques and incomplete understanding of them are usually at the root of such problems.

– What should I do if I am unable to deepen to hyperrealism for an extended period of time?

You should follow your plan of action while trying from time to time to fully deepen.

– While I deepen and focus my sensations on something, my sensations are vivid. However, everything fades out as soon as I do something else. What should I do?

You should try to constantly focus your senses on something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the sense of sight. You can focus your attention on your body, on moving your hands (e.g. constantly rubbing them together), etc.

– If I enter into out-of-body experience several times over the course of a single attempt using secondary separations from my body, do I need to deepen each time?

Yes, you should do it each and every time.

– When separating, I don’t appear in my room or some other place. Instead, I appear in a dark void where there’s nothing to touch or scrutinize. How do I deepen in that case?

The easiest thing to do is to employ the technique of translocation via teleportation and deepen once you’ve arrived at your destination. You can also use the technique of diving headfirst.

– Can I deepen in out-of-body experience so much that I won’t be able to return back to reality?

No, that’s not possible.

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