Typical Student Questions

– Is it worth it to employ non-autonomous methods?

All things considered, there’s no need for them. It’s still easier and more interesting to do things on one’s own. However, in some cases experiencing how they work is interesting in and of itself. They might also be of occasional help.

– Many makers of devices and audio files for phase states assert that their products are effective. Are they telling the truth?

No. In most cases they work only incidentally, and quite rarely at that. Some will work several times, until the practitioner develops resistance to them. Only a device-free personal practice can guarantee high-quality, solid results.

– Might non-autonomous methods help a novice?

It’s best to see them as an aid for more experienced practitioners who already know what they are working towards.

– Might I use programs that wake you up during REM sleep in order to try indirect techniques?

Yes, you may. However, they are not to be used more than 1 to 3 times a week, and it’s best to do so only in conjunction with the deferred method. They may only be approached when you are completely unable to awaken and make attempts on your own.

– Might I find an experienced hypnotist who will help me enter out-of-body experience?

It’s quite difficult to find a good hypnotist. Moreover, only a small percentage of the population is hypnotizable. It’s best to master out-of-body experience by your own efforts alone.

– Where can I buy devices, audio files, and preparations for non-autonomous mastery of out-of-body experience?

You can learn a lot about that online. Just "google" it. However, in most cases it will cost a lot of money, which at best amounts to paying for one-off OBEs. It’s not only a waste of money, but at the end of the day it’s also a waste of time and energy.

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