Typical Student Questions

– Should I return to my body and separate back out of it after becoming conscious while dreaming?

All things considered, there’s no point in doing so, as at that moment as you’re already in out-of-body experience. However, some people do so anyway in order to intensify their sensations. In this case, there is the risk that separation will be unsuccessful.

– How long does it usually take to become conscious in a dream for the first time, and how long does it take to master this skill?

It depends on how well a person understands the techniques, how long and how deeply he normally sleeps, and his own personal traits. Some are able to just become conscious while dreaming on the very first day and phase on in the same way. Some need several months until their first experience, and years until they have regular ones. Some are unable to do it at all.

– It seems to me that becoming conscious while dreaming isn’t what I want. What I wanted was out-of-body travel. Can dream consciousness turn into out-of-body travel?

In the context of out-of-body experience, they’re one and the same. If you believe otherwise, it’s your right to do so. Turning dream consciousness into out-of-body travel is easy: It’s enough to recall your physical body from inside the dream, return to that body, and then employ a separation technique to get the sensation of separation and find yourself out-of-body in your bedroom.

– Do I need to perform deepening upon becoming conscious while dreaming?

Becoming conscious while dreaming is no different from any other phase-entrance method, and therefore all out-of-body experience-control techniques are used with it.

– Can I try techniques for becoming conscious while dreaming if I have yet to try out the direct and indirect techniques?

Doing so is most likely to be a complete waste of time and energy. Dream consciousness arises as a side effect of affirmed desire to employ the direct or indirect method.

– What am I to do if I become conscious while dreaming but am then returned to my body?

Follow the procedure for the indirect techniques as if you had just woken up, i.e. try to separate, and if unsuccessful, alternate indirect techniques over the course of a minute.

-After seeing my consciousness anchor in a dream (my hands), I asked myself, “Is this a dream?” However, my answer to myself was, “No, this isn’t a dream,” and I kept on sleeping. What should I do in such situations?

When you encounter a consciousness anchor, you should attentively try to evaluate the situation instead of doing things "for the sake of appearances". To increase your odds of success, you might perform a reality check on your surroundings (e.g. hyperconcentration) after asking yourself if you are dreaming.

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