Typical Student Questions

– Can I transition to the direct method if the indirect method is not working out for me?

Such a transition would be futile 99% of the time. How can you achieve what’s difficult if you cannot achieve what’s easy? Students’ problems always lie in the mistakes they make. That’s why you should look for your mistakes first.

– When exactly can I try the direct techniques?

As soon as you are able to enter out-of-body experience using indirect techniques on a regular basis.

– Are lapses in consciousness while falling asleep “the normal way” something similar to what needs to be achieved for the free-floating state of mind?

Yes, they’re essentially the same thing. That’s why out-of-body experiences sometimes occur spontaneously while people are falling asleep.

– When coming up from a lapse in consciousness, how will I know that I’m already in out-of-body experience?

It will be obvious, which is why there is no need to think too much about it. It will be immediately apparent.

– Can I change my body position during an attempt?

Yes. As soon as you become uncomfortable, you may change your body position, scratch an itch, etc. Doing so will not make or break the attempt.

– Do I have to make an attempt in the evening if I really want to just go to sleep instead?

Attempts should be enjoyable. Don’t beat yourself up.

– Although I know it’s not recommended, may I perform direct techniques for more than 20 minutes if it won’t interfere with me falling asleep afterwards?

Yes, you may. However, success nevertheless comes much earlier most of the time. Doing direct techniques for so long is going to result in a poor time-and-energy to results ratio. This is especially true in comparison with indirect techniques.

– I fall asleep quickly, no matter what position I am in. What should I do?

In your case, you might try the direct method during the day when you aren’t sleepy. Alternatively, you might try it in uncomfortable positions like sitting in a chair, or sitting anywhere for that matter.

– Do I have to sleep for 6 hours to employ the deferred method for direct techniques?

In this case it’s less important than it is for the indirect method. However, it should be kept in mind that the portion of time spent in REM sleep (which is necessary for out-of-body experience) increases the longer you sleep. That’s why the longer you sleep before an attempt, the better your chances of immediately entering out-of-body experience.

– After several cycles (or lapses in consciousness), I always fall into deep sleep. What should I do?

Assume a more uncomfortable position and try to switch techniques more frequently. Also try to stay resolute and highly motivated.

– My extremities tremble when I come up from lapses in consciousness. Is this normal? What should I do about this?

It is normal. It’s a sign that you’re moving in the right direction with your actions. All that remains is to make the lapses even deeper. This will prevent a complete physiological awakening from occurring.

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