Typical Student Questions

– Should I record my analysis of my attempts in the journal I keep for my practice?

If you keep a journal of phase experiences, then you should record all of your mistakes in it.

– Is it possible to do everything right but still not obtain success?

Only in exceptional cases. If the practitioner does everything right, he should be successful. Actually, success will be practically unavoidable.

– Does out-of-body experience of the moon or the position of the body relative to due north affect the quality of out-of-body experiences or lucid dreams?

It doesn’t, as a matter of fact. However, it may have an influence if you believe that it will.

– Although I see and realize all of my mistakes when analyzing my attempts, I still repeat those mistakes afterwards. What should I do?

This is normal in case of irregular practice, at the beginning stages, or after long breaks. Performance of all of the actions involved with the techniques should become automatic. This will come with practice and regular attempts. The most important thing is to continue to analyze them and note your mistakes each time.

– Can the conclusion I come to regarding my mistakes differ from those suggested by the instructions and still be right?

It may be, considering that it’s impossible to describe every possible situation and every variation thereof. However, you should try to keep to the tried-and-true procedures.

– When is it best to analyze attempts: immediately after an attempt or later on during the day?

The sooner, the better. You can recall the details later, especially if you fall asleep after out-of-body experience. However, in that case you’ll have to go back over everything in order to come up with a good analysis.

– I don’t remember my OBEs well, and that makes it difficult for me to analyze them later on. How do I resolve this issue?

You are most likely falling asleep immediately after out-of-body experience or during it. Meanwhile, out-of-body experience itself often arises while in a drowsy state, or from becoming conscious while dreaming. All of these factors are on par with insufficient deepening in their ability to cause significant memory loss (and sometimes complete amnesia) regarding an out-of-body travel experience. If this problem is recurring, then it’s best to record all one’s recollections on paper or commit them to memory immediately after each phase experience, and then go back to sleep.

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