Typical Student Questions

– Can I learn my future in out-of-body experience?

You can if you use the techniques for obtaining information properly. However, it’s best not to "learn your future". You’re better off learning how to alter the future to be the way you need it.

– Can I find out the winning lottery number in out-of-body experience?

It’s hardly likely. However, you might learn how to earn or make the money that you wanted to win.

Didn’t some famous people use out-of-body experience to obtain information? Like Nikola Tesla, for example?

It’s entirely possible.

– Can I lose weight using out-of-body experience?

While in out-of-body experience, you can find out how lose weight in real life, take special medicines, and satisfy your need for tasty food.

– Can I use out-of-body experience to treat cancer or AIDS?

It’s possible that some methods exist, but they have not been verified or proven. However, out-of-body experience can certainly help to at least ease things.

– Can I bring harm to myself in out-of-body experience? By taking poison, for example?

It’s unlikely, considering that you have subconscious protection mechanisms that are hardly likely to allow you to bring about a negative effect on yourself.

– Are people encountered in out-of-body experience real human beings, or something else?

The answer to this question depends on your worldview. Some believe that it’s the souls of people in some dreamworld or "astral plane". Others believe that it’s all simulated in the mind.

– If I met a deceased relative in out-of-body experience, was that really his soul, and did he really come to me from the world beyond the grave?

The answer to that question depends on your worldview and how you want to answer it. The most important thing is that you can see your relative. Everything else is another story.

– If I fly over to my neighbor’s in out-of-body experience, will he be able to see me in real life?

No, although many people would like to believe that this is possible.

– Can you learn a foreign language in out-of-body experience?

You can learn how to better learn a language in real life, immerse yourself in it while in out-of-body experience, and take lessons with a teacher there.

– Can I meet a famous martial-arts master in out-of-body experience and have lessons with him?

Yes, out-of-body experience can be applied in this way to not only obtain information, but also to entertain oneself and practice skills.

– If out-of-body experience is so great, won’t you want to stay in it forever?

That would be a sign of an unbalanced approach to your practice. However, it would be simply impossible stay there forever, even if you wanted to.

– What will happen if I take drugs in out-of-body experience?

They will have the same effect there as they would in the real world.

– Can people have orgasms in out-of-body experience?

Yes, and they can have them often and in a controlled manner. This applies for both women and men with varying degrees of real-world symptoms, depending on one’s level of sensitivity and experience.

– Could a person who has been blind from birth see in out-of-body experience?

There are no known cases of this happening. However, it’s possible that it will become reality in the future. The problem is that such people have no neurological pathways for vision. Therefore, those who went blind later in life will be able to see in out-of-body experience, but those who were born blind will not be able to.

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