Typical Mistakes with Translocation and Finding Objects

Applying translocation and object finding techniques without the precondition of a steady lucid dreaming.

Insufficient concentration on a desire to travel to a location or to find an object.

Doubting that results will be achieved instead of having complete confidence.

Passive performance of the techniques instead of a strong desire and high level of aggression.

Forgetting to repeat translocation or object finding techniques when the technique did not work or worked incorrectly during the first attempt.

Getting distracted by extraneous thoughts during the lengthy process of teleporting with eyes shut. Total concentration is required at all times.

Applying the technique of teleportation with eyes open without adequate experience.

Failing to immediately translocate when using the closed eyes technique; this may induce flying a la teleportation technique.

Glossing over minute details or only observing the broad features of a remote object while applying translocation by concentration.

A delayed desire to move while translocating during separation. An instantaneous desire to immediately move is necessary.

Forgetting to first shut a door completely when using translocation through a door; otherwise, there will be contact with what is already behind it.

Using a translocation technique to go through a wall without knowing how to pass through solid objects.

Paying too much attention to the process of translocation through a wall; this leads to being trapped in the wall.

Forgetting to shut the eyes while translocating diving headfirst. The eyes should remain closed until after the technique is complete.

Insufficient internal association with an animate object while finding it by calling its name.

Trying to find an object via interrogation instead of passively communicating with living objects of lucid dreaming.

Using distant corners when applying the technique of finding an object around the corner. Choose nearby corners to avoid wasting precious travel time.

Applying transmutation techniques without possessing sufficient experience in managing lucid dreaming space.

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