Typical Mistakes with Maintaining

Forgetting to try to re-enter out-of-body experience after it is over, although doing so greatly helps to increase the number of experiences.

Staying focused on techniques for “maintaining” instead of performing them as background tasks.

Getting distracted by events and dropping phase maintenance techniques instead of continually performing what’s needed to maintain out-of-body experience.

Succumbing to the idea that maintaining is not necessary when out-of-body experience appears very deep and stable, even though these could be false sensations.

Using the necessary techniques too late.

Stopping due to uncertainty about further actions, while there must always be a plan.

Forgetting that it is possible to fall asleep in out-of-body experience without realizing it. Recognizing the risk of falling asleep must be a primary focus.

Getting pulled into events occurring in out-of-body experience instead of observing and controlling them from the outside.

Forgetting that techniques for “maintaining” must always be used to remain in as deep an out-of-body travel as possible, and not just for maintaining any odd state.

Stopping the use of techniques for “maintaining” during contact with living objects, when the techniques must be used constantly.

Counting without the desire to count as high as possible.

Performing imagined rotation instead of real rotation.

Passiveness and calmness instead of constant activity.

Excessive thinking and internal dialogue when these should be kept to an absolute minimum.

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