Internal certainty that nothing will happen instead of believing in positive results.

Stopping the performance of techniques after an unsuccessful cycle when a minimum of four cycles should be practiced.

Constantly awakening to movement instead of remaining still.

Performing direct techniques in the evening. Performing indirect techniques in the evening, instead of upon waking up in the morning.

Performing indirect techniques for an extremely long period of time (2 minutes or more). This is a complete waste of time in most cases.

Switching from techniques that have begun to work instead of following them through to the end.

Passively performing techniques instead of being determined and aggressive.

Performing each technique separately for too long a period of time, even if the technique does not work, instead of switching to another technique within several seconds.

Excessive thinking and analysis while performing indirect techniques, which require mental tranquility and inner stillness.

Stopping and concentrating on unusual sensations when they arise versus continuing the technique that brought them about in the first place.

Extremely long anticipation upon awakening instead of immediately performing techniques.

Premature attempts at separating, instead of performing lucid dreaming creation techniques through to the end of progress.

Holding the breath when unusual sensations appear. Be calm instead.

Opening the eyes when the only recommended movement is breathing or moving the eyes behind closed lids.

Being agitated instead of relaxed.

Ceasing attempts to separate even when partial success is met.

Straining the physical muscles while performing the techniques versus remaining physically motionless.

Not practicing after an alert awakening, when techniques are best applied – especially in the event of waking without movement.

Merely imagining the techniques instead of really understanding them and performing them, if, of course, one is not performing rotation or other imagined techniques.

Simply wiggling phantom limbs instead of employing a fixed determination to increase the range of movement

Falling right asleep during forced falling asleep, instead of having the firm intention of continuing efforts within only 5 to 10 seconds.

Scrutinizing the details of images when using the technique of observing images; the whole image should be observed panoramically lest it disappear.

Intentionally trying to force pictures when observing images, instead of looking for what is naturally presented.

Simply hearing noise when employing the technique of listening in, instead of attentively trying to pay attention, catch something, and listen in.

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