Typical Mistakes When Using Practical Applications

Attempting an applied use of out-of-body experience without reaching a good depth. Deepening must always be performed before applications are attempted.

Being so involved in phase applications that “maintaining” techniques are forgotten.

Forgetting to consider how to breathe when traveling through Outer Space or underwater, which may lead to a temporary feeling of asphyxiation.

Concentrating on a certain object while traveling through time instead of concentrating on time travel, which should be the focus since it is the point of performing the application.

Forgetting techniques for “maintaining” when animate objects are encountered, when these techniques must always be kept in mind.

An inability to overcome fear during contact with deceased people. This fear must be overcome once and it will never resurface again.

Limiting desires while practicing out-of-body experience. There is no limit to desire within out-of-body experience.

Limiting the performance of certain actions, although there are no customary norms of behavior in out-of-body experience, unless the practitioner decides upon specific limits.

While looking for information in out-of-body experience, attempting to obtain knowledge which clearly exceeds the scope of the subconscious mind.

Applying the technique of obtaining information from animate objects without knowing how to communicate with them.

Forgetting to check the ability of an object to convey valid knowledge. The probability of bad information is much higher if it is not verified.

Failing to verify information in out-of-body experience before using it in reality.

Forgetting to verify serious information in reality before using it. Verification absolutely must be performed to avoid using bad information in reality.

A single attempt to influence the physiology through out-of-body experience. In the majority of cases, results are gained through repeated effort.

An attempt to cure some disease only using out-of-body experience, whereas it is compulsory to seek medical advice.

Initially believing that out-of-body experience is the exit of the soul from the body, while this is easily refuted in practice.

Concentrating only on unproven applications, despite all the evidence out there that this is most likely a waste of time.

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