Forgetting to perform deepening techniques when necessary.

Halting deepening techniques before reaching maximum realism in lucid dreaming.

Carrying out unnecessary deepening while at a sufficient depth.

Carrying out main deepening techniques prior to having become completely separated from the body, although at this time only primary deepening should be used.

Continuing deepening techniques when results have already been achieved.

Alternating too quickly between deepening techniques instead of concentrating on each of them for at least 5 to 10 seconds.

Performing the techniques slowly and calmly instead of aggressively.

Observing objects located too far from the eyes during visual sensory amplification instead of the required four to five inches.

When peering, scrutinizing a single detail of an object for too long when it is necessary to quickly switch from one detail to another.

Taking in a whole object when peering while only parts of it should be observed.

Concentrating too long on the details of a single object instead of focusing on different objects in quick succession.

Long palpation of a single object during sensory amplification instead of rapidly switching from one object to another.

Deepening while standing in place when it is important to maintain constant motion.

Falling headfirst with the eyes open, although the eyes must be shut to avoid crashing into the floor.

Falling headfirst without the desire or intention of falling far and quickly.

Forgetting to use translocation techniques after hitting a dead end.

Forgetting to alternate deepening techniques if some of them are not working.

Fear of the hyperrealism of the experience and halting deepening instead of calmly continuing with the technique.



After which lucid dreaming entrance techniques is deepening necessary?

Why is lucid dreaming deepening necessary?

Are there cases where lucid dreaming deepening is unnecessary?

What level of reality should be achieved by deepening?

When should deepening begin after entering lucid dreaming?

Does deepening influence the length of a lucid dream experience?

Why is primary deepening necessary?

May one touch one’s head when the performing sensory amplification?

Should a practitioner look at curtains while peering?

Is it effective to apply peering at lucid dreaming objects from a distance of 1 to 1.5 yards?

Can peering be used during palpation?

When should the eyes be closed while falling headfirst?

Would throwing punches like a boxer help a practitioner to deepen?

How calmly should the deepening techniques be performed?


Devote the next three successful lucid dreams to perfecting deepening techniques, using all of the methods described in this chapter.

Try judging which technique suits you best from personal experience.

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