Typical Instructional Difficulties

Success at employing techniques for finding objects in out-of-body experience and translocating in it depends on only one factor: how hard the practitioner concentrates his attention and desire on achieving the right outcome. Performing techniques "for the sake of appearances" will bring no results at all. The techniques are to be performed with an intense desire to achieve results. This is the issue that the instructor should concentrate on. It’s enough to say that given enough desire, even a novice can successfully control out-of-body experience without knowing any specific techniques. A person’s own desire is essentially what translocates him throughout out-of-body experience. The techniques themselves are only there to facilitate that inner process by giving it a certain outward expression. If you leave out this point or don’t throw enough light on it, many practitioners’ attempts to translocate in out-of-body experience or find objects in it will end in failure.

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