Typical Instructional Difficulties

Only one relatively serious problem might arise here: the issue of morality in out-of-body experience. As a rule, people bring not only their desires and habits from the physical world (where they were formed) into out-of-body experience, but also their attitude towards various issues. The role of the instructor is to make it clear that out-of-body experience is an independent space where there is no need to follow the laws of the physical world. The problem is not only that people do blindly follow those laws of the physical world while in out-of-body experience, but also that some concepts are so deeply impressed in people’s minds that even mere discussion of removing boundaries in out-of-body experience evokes incomprehension and anger. out-of-body experience brings people true freedom, which is why it seems plain wrong when a person who is at last free suddenly begins to limit himself and cast judgment as to what’s right and what’s wrong, as well as judge for himself what is permitted and what is forbidden. The instructor should devote maximum effort to breaking his students’ psychological shackles. This is beneficial not only for the practice itself, but also for a sense of well-being in the everyday world.

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