Typical Instructional Difficulties

Deepening in out-of-body experience is not a difficult topic to teach, although there are two issues that the instructor should always stay on top of.

First, many students will simply forget about deepening at the beginning. Their OBEs will subsequently be brief, boring, and of poor quality. To solve this problem, sensory amplification should be put on the plan of action for out-of-body experience. With experience, sensory amplification will take place automatically. However, it’s still best to put it on your plan when you’re just starting out. After explaining deepening, you should require that the students use it in actual practice.

The second problem concerns poorly-performed deepening. This results in its ineffectiveness and subsequent practitioner complaints that it’s not working. As a rule, the key to understanding such situations lies in deepening having been performed "for the sake of appearances," as if it were some kind of external ritual that is to magically conjure a deep phase. Explain that what’s important with sensory amplification is the desire to experience out-of-body experience space more distinctly, as well as the overall desire to use such actions to deepen.

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