Typical Instructional Difficulties

Human psychology is such that people are always looking for the easy way out. In the practice of phase states, this finds expression in the search for devices (or even substances) that do all the hard work for you. In light of this, the instructor’s task is to clearly explain that such devices simply do not exist and that it’s nevertheless much easier to do without external aids. The entire topic of non-autonomous methods is directed primarily not at going over supplemental technologies and methods, but at gently dissuading people from using them. Essentially, the instructor’s task is to satisfy his students’ intense curiosity about such things while guiding their thinking in a more rational direction.

In discussing this topic, the instructor will be covertly undermining the commercial interests of producers of various devices and supplements for becoming conscious while dreaming and out-of-body experiences – and they are legion. They all falsely advertise their inventions as fabulously effective, and their message sinks deep into the minds of people harboring high hopes for a silver bullet.

To conclude the topic of non-autonomous methods on the right note, it’s enough to state that no experienced practitioner achieved mastery using them alone. Moreover, not a single device makes it possible to enter out-of-body experience as easily and as many times a day as the indirect method.

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