Typical Instructional Difficulties

Becoming conscious while dreaming and out-of-body travel will remain separate phenomena in the minds of a substantial portion of the audience, and will remain so no matter what you say or what evidence to the contrary you produce. According to the theory of phase states, they are falling for an illusion. However, it’s debatable whether or not it’s worth it to confront people who do so. So as not to ruin your success rate or offend the beliefs of part of the audience, people with such views should be asked to return to their bodies and separate from them after becoming conscious while dreaming. They will then experience exactly what they wanted, i.e. "out-of-body travel".

The main problem with teaching becoming conscious while dreaming is the lack of actions to be performed immediately before phase entry with this method. For that reason, it’s extremely difficult to find mistakes in one’s own actions, let alone to control the skill of becoming conscious while dreaming. This primarily results in a complete lack of control over how long it takes to master these techniques. While a person making an attempt with the direct or indirect methods will get an instant result (be it positive or negative), a person might perform the technique of becoming conscious while dreaming every day with results nowhere in sight. Moreover, spontaneously becoming conscious while dreaming will nevertheless occur as a side effect of other techniques. This is yet another reason that dream consciousness is covered quite rarely and only in some instructional formats. There simply isn’t enough time for the topic, especially when people need instant results.

out-of-body experience entry method of becoming conscious while dreaming dominated up until about the first decade of the third millennium, which is why it is still popular with many practitioners. However, it is gradually taking a back seat to the easier and quicker indirect method, which, on top of everything else, causes spontaneous dream consciousness as a side effect.

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