Typical Instructional Difficulties

Perhaps the only serious problem encountered when teaching the direct method is the excessive desire of nearly all students to try it out no matter what, preferably that very day. And that’s regardless of you forbidding them to do so. For that very reason, the direct method is brought up as late as possible, and on the last day for many instructional formats. This protects people from being tempted to try difficult direct techniques and thereby keeps them from running out of motivation, becoming demoralized, and slacking off with the relatively easy indirect techniques. To put it another way, saving the direct method for last will substantially improve your success rate. If you give out the direct and indirect techniques on the very first lesson and repeat dozens of times that the direct techniques are not necessary, you will get minimal results by the next day since a lot of the students will nevertheless try out the direct methods – so great will be their desire to try them out. Even if you teach the direct method to your students at the very end of the course, you will have to come to terms with the possibility of it ruining their subsequent personal practice.

The situation is so dire that conversations among instructors often turn to the idea that it’s best not to even mention the direct methods during seminars. This does make some sense – after all, discussing the direct methods leads to time and energy being wasted on what most of the group may never need. Even many experienced practitioners avoid direct methods due to the large amount of time and energy it takes on average to get results.

However, teaching phase states admittedly involves more than pure instruction – most of the time, at least. It’s often a form of entertainment or show business. Meanwhile, you sometimes have to sacrifice quality of instruction in order to placate the public, who are paying money to see and learn what they want. And direct techniques are what people want to know about. Many come for them alone, which is why it should be repeated from the very beginning that the direct techniques will be taught during the training program, but not right away. Otherwise, the audience may lose interest.

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