Typical Instructional Difficulties

The most important thing that the instructor will have to battle when teaching analysis is people’s total lack of willingness to step up to the plate and search for mistakes. This is understandable: for many, this ability borders on fantastic – they are simply unable to believe that they are able to explain from day two why some attempts to enter out-of-body experience are successful and some aren’t. From their point of view, it’s as if you’ve asked them to try to explain the apparition of a religious figure. However, everything with out-of-body experience is usually self-evident and intuitive. That is to say, it is the task of the instructor to convince his students that they too can easily analyze their own attempts like professional practitioners. If the students leave the room without this conviction, their subsequent personal practices will be in jeopardy. After all, the success of a training session is measured in phase experiences that occur not only over the course of the seminar, but after it as well. Leaving people who have undergone training with you dependent on you for answers is borderline criminal. Although it might be unprofitable from a commercial point of view, the goal of these techniques & technologies is to create advanced practitioners, and not eternal novices who are always running to various "gurus" to ask their opinion on something or obtain an answer to a primitive question.

Instructors themselves are also often not always morally ready to give answers to every question or step up to the plate and look for mistakes. This is normal for a new instructor who still does not know that problems are always one and the same. It’s sufficient to analyze actual attempts to enter out-of-body experience a few dozen times to learn how to do it on the fly and not have to go into deep thought in order to see mistakes and shortcomings. Non-standard situations are quite rare. The fact that the great majority of mistakes are due to deviations from the instructions should give one added confidence when analyzing attempts to enter out-of-body experience. If the instructor himself gave those instructions, then it will be easy for him to see how well they have been complied with.

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