Typical Instructional Difficulties

Due to the breadth and multifacetedness of the topic, quite a number of issues may arise in regards to practical applications of out-of-body experience. Even when given the opportunity to travel wherever they want, practitioners will be stubbornly unable to fully comprehend or act on this freedom. Their minds will still be filled with numerous blocks and hang-ups. It’s as if they are afraid to believe that they will indeed be able to appear wherever they want, even if only in terms of what their senses perceive. This ability to go anywhere applies not only to places in the real world, but also to those of any other world, including even those of fairy tales and Hollywood films. The role of the instructor consists in eliminating all the blocks and hang-ups that keep his students from launching into a universe of incredible opportunity and adventure.

On that note, there may arise the problem of a practitioner encountering his deceased friends and family in the way that he would least like to see them. To avoid this, you should explain that the practitioner should focus on the best years of his loved ones’ lives when employing object-finding techniques to see them. So as not to subconsciously program your students, it’s best to leave out the fact that it’s possible to see a decomposing body.

When obtaining information, there may arise the hard-to-overcome problem of the inner disposition of people who want to find out that things are a certain way, are afraid to find out something, or are simply incredulous. All of these internal conflicts will find reflection in the quality of the information obtained. The instructor’s task here is to explain that such matters are to be taken up in as detached a way as possible, as if the results didn’t matter.

When trying to influence their physiologies, students often forget that it doesn’t really make any sense to merely pop pills in out-of-body experience. What’s extremely important here is to reproduce the sensations that the pill is to induce. Inducing sensations and symptoms is another way of influencing the physiology in out-of-body experience. Once students realize this, many will independently come to the conclusion that any “treatment” performed in out-of-body experience is nothing more than a ritual that helps one to have greater faith in one’s own personal powers. When all is said and done, you can forgo these rituals and directly act upon the required processes in the body.

Of course, differing views on the true nature of the practical applications of the phenomenon will be at the root of any heated discussions or issues that arise. At times it can be quite difficult for the instructor to convey what the practice of out-of-body experience really is to students who already have their own firm beliefs regarding the phenomenon, beliefs which are often at odds with those of the instructor. For example, when such a person is told that it is possible to experience stepping foot on Mars with all five of his senses, what he will hear is that it’s possible to visit Mars using some "etheric" or "astral" body via out-of-body experience. The same applies to meeting people, obtaining information, and similar issues. However, the task here is not to change a person’s philosophical beliefs or somehow influence them. The instructor is tasked with having all kinds of discussions regarding the nature of the phenomenon. This is no easy job considering the constant questions and follow-up queries of all sorts that will come from students with the most diverse points of view. As soon as the instructor officially espouses one viewpoint or another, he will immediately lose face among the ranks of people with opposite views, and they may be in the majority. This will eventually affect the quality of instruction and the overall mood of the group.

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