Two-Day Seminars with Immersion


Two-day seminars with immersion are the most intensive form of training. They offer the largest amount of practice, simulation, and attempts to enter out-of-body experience immediately during the seminar itself. Full immersion is the most difficult form of training, though it can attract a certain kind of crowd – one that wants to obtain as much practice as possible and is willing to pay for it.

It’s not worth recruiting really large groups for this form of training, as doing so can cause great difficulty. In particular, large groups make it difficult to maintain the silence necessary to simulate attempts and make real ones. It’s best to have no more than 20 to a group and hold lessons on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

In some cases this seminar format can be modified by introducing uninterrupted training over the course of two days and the nights in-between and following them. In this case, the instructor is able to provide advice regarding nighttime and morning practice.

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