Turning into Lenin’s Mummy

It was an exhausting day: flying into Seattle from LA, and then driving out to Yelm just in time for the first session of a seminar. That’s why the plan wasn’t to enter lucid dreaming, but to at least catch up on some sleep.

I awoke quite early the next morning, and went right for the kitchen to get a taste of the delicious treats that my hostess had baked. It was already fairly light outside, and I got a chance to enjoy the beauty of the brook and pine forest outside the window. I thought about how nice it must be to live in a place with such scenery. After having enjoyed some tasty treats with a glass of milk, I went to go back to bed. As I lay down, I nearly immediately heard some noise. This was puzzling, as lucid dreaming rarely comes to me so quickly and without lapses in consciousness. Meanwhile, such noise is a definitive sign that a lucid dream is already in progress. Something wasn’t right…

Then, it finally dawned on me: up in these northern parts at this time of the morning, it simply couldn’t have been as light outside as it had seemed to me when I was walking about the guest story of the house. It had all happened in lucid dreaming! The treats, the milk, and taking in the landscape. And even I, with all of my experience, would have never figured that out if it weren’t for that noise which betrayed the fact that I was in lucid dreaming once I returned to my body. Incredible…

I rolled out of my body right away and got on with a series of experiments…

As soon as my obligatory plan of action had been completed, I was returned back to my body. I rolled out again with ease and decided to just run through the beautiful environs of the fabled little town of Blueberry Hill, upon arriving there by force of will. The place was quite impressive. I rushed through the window and began sprinting around the house from a distance of 100 yards, intently scrutinizing everything I came across.

My secondary plan of action complete, I was returned back to my body. I couldn’t recall anything else important to do. But I had to squeeze everything out of this lucid dreaming, and use it for still more. For some reason, out of the blue I got the strange idea of turning up inside Vladimir Lenin’s mummified body at his tomb in Moscow’s Red Square. Without first separating, I began trying to feel myself being him. My body immediately shortened in stature. I began to feel myself in the exact body position that his mummy lies in, as well as in its clothing. For the first time in a long while, once I began to feel the surrounding environment, being in lucid dreaming felt very scary. The incredible realness of sensation evoked some strange terror that made me decide to cut lucid dreaming short, against my own advice. I returned to my body with only minor difficulty. I opened my eyes. It was pitch black all around me. The time was 2 am.

I went back into Lenin’s body, but the terror did not return. This was unfortunate, as I would like to experience such extraordinary feelings again. Seeing as the nearly dumbfounding account of my adventure was illustrative of many items on the curriculum, I decided to share it and everyone at the next day’s seminar got a good laugh out of it.

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