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This book reflects not only our experience teaching the out-of-body experience/lucid dreaming phenomenon to thousands of people, but also many years studying it. Every word and every statement in this book is the result of painstaking, real-life work, and not empty theories or musings. That’s why success at using our methodologies hinges on following these tried-and-true instructions to the letter. It’s the only way that guarantees results. If it’s written here that something needs to be done in one way or another, then it means that that’s exactly what worked most of the time on thousands of people. If something is left out here or it’s written that it’s best not to do something, then that means that it didn’t work or worked poorly on thousands of people. If you already have this book in your hands, then you only need concentrate on following the instructions herein, and nothing else. This approach – and only this approach – guarantees results.

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