Around the world: It is possible to reach any point of the planet, and it is particularly interesting to revisit places where the practitioner once lived or visited, and visit places that the practitioner has a strong desire to visit. Every sight and beauty of the Earth become accessible, be it the Eiffel Tower or an island in Oceania, the Pyramids of Egypt, or Angel Falls.

Through Outer Space: Although humankind is not going to reach Mars any time soon, any practitioner may stand on its surface and experience its unique landscape through the use of translocation in lucid dreaming. There is nothing more amazing than observing galaxies and nebulae, planets, and stars from the vantage point of deep space. Of all lucid dreaming applications available, this one provides practitioners with the most striking aesthetic experiences.

To different places in time: This makes it possible to visit a childhood, to see what a person will look like in the future; a pregnant woman in lucid dreaming may see what her child will look like. Travel far back in time and witness the construction of the Pyramids at Giza, see Paris in the 17th century, wander among the dinosaurs of the Jurassic period.

Through different worlds: Travel a world that has been described in literature or just invented by the practitioner, developed in the imagination. These could be extraterrestrial civilizations, parallel worlds, or universes from fairy tales and films. Any destination is nearby.

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