Transmutation through Intention

Experienced practitioners or those who can easily concentrate their will are often able to take on the form they want without using any special techniques. It is often enough for them to simply intensely desire to take on one form or another, and that form comes to them, be it abruptly or gradually. Ultimately, this is what all lucid dreamingrs should strive for. For example, if a practitioner has decided to transform into a dragon, then he will concentrate his intention on that desire, and his bodily sensations will go into a state of flux, and then stabilize again once he has already transmutated. Alternatively, he will simply begin to perceivably mutate into a fire-breathing dragon. Also of good help when performing this technique are elixirs, tablets, and potions that can be programmed in lucid dreaming to have a specific effect when taken.

With all such techniques – and the entire practice of lucid dreaming itself – intention, self-assurance, desire, and purposefulness have significant importance. Knowing specific techniques is often unnecessary if you have a firm desire that you unhesitatingly want to achieve no matter what. Problems with intention and self-assurance always lie at the root of lack of success at transmutating in lucid dreaming. lucid dreamingrs often simply lack confidence in their ability to transmutate, which finds expression in failed attempts to take on another bodily form.

Any lack of confidence when performing the transmutation techniques in lucid dreaming will always be evident in the final result. Meanwhile, lack of confidence indicates a certain level of self-analysis, which in turn is a symptom of insufficient concentration on the technique. That’s why total concentration on and putting one’s all into a technique practically guarantees successful results.

When it comes to deepening and maintaining, it is important to make the transformation of one’s external appearance quickly, or when feeling constantly vivid sensations and actions. Otherwise, a foul will occur if one drags out transmutation or otherwise performs it slowly.

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