Transmutation into Animals

Many practitioners actively experiment with their bodily form during lucid dreaming, which can take on any appearance thanks to the properties of lucid dreaming space. Such experimentation, despite being somewhat difficult, is quite popular and interesting. Nearly every advanced lucid dreamingr experiments with it sooner or later.

Interesting Fact!

People appear in human form while in lucid dreaming only because they are accustomed to it from everyday life. Actually, you can feel every fine detail while inhabiting any body or any thing, as there is no personal “body” as such in lucid dreaming.

A distinctive trait of experiments with altered physical perception is the unbelievably fine detail of sensation. If a lucid dream practitioner takes on the form of a lizard, he will be able to feel not only his tail, but also that his tongue is now forked. Meanwhile, if a practitioner takes on the form of a wolf, then he will feel the nails on his paws, and experience incredibly heightened sense of smell. The same applies to every possible sense, the true-to-lifeness of which depends on one’s mastery over incarnating in lucid dreaming.

One feels as if new parts of the brain activate that are responsible for the sensory perception of body parts that humans don’t have. Such body parts can then not only be felt, but also controlled. For example, if a practitioner has become a bird in lucid dreaming, then he will not only feel his wings, but also be able to control them as if he had been born with them. Such reorganization of perception is possible for all human sensations and this applies not only to animate objects, but also to inanimate ones: stones, trees, furniture, etc.

Without further ado, here are the techniques for transforming one’s embodiment:

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