Translocation through Teleportation with the Eyes Open

This technique is difficult because it requires an unstable lucid dreaming space caused by a strong desire to translocate to another location. Whereas during teleportation by flight with eyes shut the practitioner disentangles himself from the current location, that is not the case here. Therefore, this technique should be used only by experienced practitioners who are confident that they are capable of remaining in lucid dreaming.

As far as implementing the technique is concerned, the practitioner simply needs to stop and concentrate on the thought that he is already present in the desired location and focus on its image. It is important to not stare at or touch anything during the thought. Surrounding space will dim, blur and then disappear during this time, and then the intended location will gradually start to appear. The rate of space metamorphosis depends on the degree of desire to reach the required location.

If concentration is weak or lucid dreaming depth is poor, then after space destabilizes, it might not be restored – and a return to the wakeful state will occur.

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