Translocation through a Mirror

Due to the special properties of mirrors and people’s superstitious beliefs about them, they can be used to easily translocate in lucid dreaming. To that end it’s enough to jump or dive into any large mirror encountered along the way. Meanwhile, you can focus your attention on the location you want immediately being behind it. Due to the properties of mirrors, you often don’t even have to close your eyes or turn around when penetrating their surface.

Interesting Fact!

When novices at School of Out-of-Body Travel seminars are asked to take a look in the mirror during their first lucid dreaming, it is rare for two descriptions of the event to be similar, as everything happens differently for each person: some see their actual reflection, others see nothing, still others see different people, and in some cases the movements of the reflection don’t match those of the practitioner, etc. Once at a seminar, 16 were able to look at a mirror while in lucid dreaming, and no two people had similar experiences.

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