Time and Effectiveness

Friend, you might be quite surprised to hear this, but I always caution people who say enthusiastically that this is all so wonderful that they would be willing to spend at least a month on having their first experience, or even up to six months to a year on just trying to experience it once. I then caution them, as with the right actions you need only make several attempts, all of which you can do in one day…

Yes, this is not as easy as a imagining or picturing something, swallowing a pill, or smoking dope. Here, making attempts and performing techniques are necessary. Sometimes, a lot of attempts. But, having done everything right, you’ll get results quickly enough.

Just remember one simple thing: if you do indirect techniques every day over the course of a week and still get no results – then you’re doing something wrong. It is also necessary to read more in-depth about the techniques and try to figure out what your mistakes are. Believe me, even after you are already able to enter the astral plane, you will still make a large number of mistakes. On average, a novice will make 7 to 10 typical mistakes during each of his initial attempts… So study the techniques carefully, and analyze each one of your actions.

All in all, obtaining results using indirect techniques normally requires about 5 attempts, and up to 20 attempts when serious errors are being made. When it comes to dream consciousness, it can take from 1 to 20 days to get results. If you have mastered the indirect techniques, then direct techniques (those performed without first falling asleep) will begin to work after another 5 to 30 attempts. However, the direct techniques may be much harder to pull off. They may turn out to be impracticable if you do not understand the essence of the free-floating state of mind.

The main thing is to make regular attempts. It is only a question of making attempts and the quality of your attempts. Where there are attempts, there are results. It’s that simple, and always has been.

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