The Professional-Class Practitioner

Being generally acquainted with the indirect techniques as well as the elementary rules of deepening and maintaining lucid dreaming may be considered the threshold level of practice. Detailed knowledge of the technical aspects of the practice may be considered the basic level. To be discussed now is the higher level of practice, which differs substantially from lower levels on every front.

If a practitioner is still unable to intentionally enter lucid dreaming at least several times a week, then he should not read this section. It may cause his mind additional confusion and distract him with things that are not yet necessary and difficult to understand. If he decides to read on anyway, he does so at his own risk and fully responsible for the consequences of his decision.

When mastering the practice of lucid dreaming, the process is sequential: one starts with simple background knowledge and techniques, and then works one’s way up to increasingly difficult things. However, once a certain level is reached, the process goes back the other way: one’s entire approach simplifies as one discerns the underlying principles. One cannot start off from those principles, as they can only be discerned through individual practice upon having mastered the basics. This comes naturally for many practitioners. The aim of this section is only to highlight things that will be realized consciously or subconsciously by a person constantly practicing lucid dreaming.

If a practitioner’s mind and attention-span become inevitably overwhelmed with a large body of theoretical knowledge, no need to worry – everything with become simpler with experience, and the discipline of practicing itself will bring much more enjoyment. Perhaps only the discipline in its higher form should be considered the real practice of lucid dreaming, as only then does it harmonize with real life and bring no discomfort.

A high level practitioner can achieve the following:

Indirect techniques work no less than 90% of the time.

Consciousness while dreaming can be obtained 80% of the time that one desires it.

Direct techniques work no less than 60% of the time.

Deepening takes a minimal amount of time and is performed while accomplishing a plan of action.

Maintaining is less energy-consuming and its effects more prolonged.

lucid dreaming can be applied in one way or another as soon as one desires to do so.

Even a moderate-level practitioner can enter lucid dreaming many times a day (3-6 times, not counting secondary entrances). At a high level of practice, this should be normal.

If a lucid dreamr has not reached such a level in every aspect, then he is still making some fundamental mistakes and therefore has something to work towards. If he has reached a high level, then he is already living in two worlds, and before him lies an unlimited Universe, where now only he alone can determine his actions and find meaning in them. He is at a point where no one or anything can make any substantial corrections to his experience.

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