The Phenomenon

Way back when, people did not have consciousness. Yet once it developed, it gradually started occupying more and more of the waking state. However, nowadays consciousness is outgrowing the waking state, and has begun continuing its expansion into other states. Consciousness increasingly springs up during REM-phase sleep, giving rise to the most astounding phenomenon of human existence – feeling oneself in an out-of-body experience. It is probable that men and women of the future will have a conscious existence in two worlds. For now, however, this can only be accomplished using the special techniques described in this book.

Hints at the occurrence of this phenomenon may be found in the Bible and other ancient texts. It lies at the foundation of other phenomena such as near-death experiences, alien abductions, sleep paralysis, and so on. The phenomenon is so extraordinary that many occult movements consider experiencing it to be an accomplishment of the highest order. Statistical research has shown that one person in two will have an intense encounter with it. Meanwhile, the existence of the phenomenon itself has been scientific fact since the 1970s.

The phenomenon is well-represented in many different kinds of modern practices, albeit under various names ranging from "astral projection" and "out-of-body experience" to "lucid dreaming". We shall use the pragmatic term "lucid dreaming" or "lucid dreaming state" to refer to all the above phenomena, as there is no difference at all between them in their usual practice. We will also take as materialist an approach as possible, casting aside all theoretical tripe and concerning ourselves only with what works in practice.

As regards sensory perception of the phenomenon itself, this is not a mere visualization exercise. Reality itself is but a dull daydream in comparison to lucid dreaming state! You won’t feel your physical body on the bed there, and all of your senses will be fully immersed in a new world of perception. You can touch and behold anything, walk and fly, eat and drink, feel pain and pleasure, and much, much more. And all this with even more realism and lucidness of perception than daily life! This is the reason many novices experience shock – or even mortal fear – upon entering this state. It’s a true parallel world in terms of perception.

The practical side of the phenomenon holds even greater opportunity. In lucid dreaming, you can travel the Earth, the Universe, and time itself. You can meet any person you want: friends and family, the deceased, and celebrities. You can obtain information from lucid dreaming and apply it towards improving your daily life. You can influence your physiology and treat a number of ailments. You can realize your secret desires and develop your creativity. Meanwhile, people with physical impairments can release themselves from all fetters and obtain anything lacking for them in the physical world. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg of ways to apply the phenomenon in daily life!

You may think that it’s difficult to learn if you’ve read elsewhere that you need spend months, if not years, on it. Get those old wives’ tales out of your head – we’re in the 21st century! The instructions laid out in this section will help most people to experience this amazing state within only 2 to 3 days of trying. Remember: the techniques described in this book are the result of many years of experimental research at the OOBE Research Center. Thousands have participated first-hand in developing and perfecting the techniques presented here, and have proven that they can be used by absolutely everyone. All that you need to do is follow these simple instructions as exactly and carefully as you can. Then, you’ll be able to literally live in two worlds!

There are three primary methods for leaving the body. They are used at different times of the day: after sleeping, while sleeping, and without sleeping beforehand. We will begin getting experience using the techniques by starting from the easiest ones – the indirect techniques, which are performed immediately upon awakening. They are quite simple. After mastering those techniques, you can then try to leave your body in the evening or during the day, without sleeping beforehand.

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