The Phenomenon

According to modern science, out-of-body travel, lucid dreaming, and a whole slew of similar phenomena in which one is fully conscious but does not perceive the physical body are forms of one and the same dissociative phenomenon, which has been dubbed the "phase" or "phase state" in this book for the purposes of bringing all of its sub-phenomena together under a single umbrella term. Accordingly, its practitioners are referred to herein as phasers and to phase has been adopted as the verb form in English. To put it briefly, the physiology of the phenomenon is characterized by activation of the frontal areas of the brain during REM sleep. Meanwhile, people perceive what seems to be a separation from their physical body and input from their five senses that is substantially more vivid than that of everyday reality. They can walk, see, hear, touch, and even eat, feel pain, pleasure, and much more.

This phenomenon has hundreds of practical applications, including not only obtaining information, self-healing, artistic development, and traveling, but also meeting with the deceased, rehabilitation for the disabled, an alternative to computer games, fulfilling desires, and much, much more.

According to some estimates, about 80% of the population has encountered this phenomenon in its full-fledged form at least once in their lives. Meanwhile, nearly everyone has experienced it in its shallower variations. Our knowledge of this unusual state becomes more complete with each passing year, and allows any person to not only control the state, but also to enjoy it practically every day. In many mystical and religious movements, this practice is the highest stage of development and the end goal itself. For example, in many Eastern traditions this practice allows one to achieve the end goal – stopping the cycle of reincarnation through controlled dying, which is possible only by mastering techniques for entering out-of-body experience state.

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